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Large grass seed. Its winter and is the greenest courtyard of the subdivision. Awesome awesome I had to decipher my garden because of a lot of chemical combustion from Trugreen Service, so I cancel my contract after 1 year and 9 months, I put this, 2 bags Jonathan Green 10315 Black Beauty Grass Seed Mix, 25 pounds and normal watering every day 2 min. morning, 2 min. to noon and 2 min. evening and 4 weeks late my garden is so fluffy and green with the best grass, that I can imagine, man, I impress so much that I had to drop a tear. JG`s answer: It could be fungi or insects. If you see this again, please send us an email via our FAQ site and we will ask you for photos to find out what is going on. It is a full of sun grass seeds. One pound. I was satisfied with this product. It comes to life for up to ten days in a week.

It fills these bare areas and makes your lawn look beautiful again. I recommend this product because Jonathan Green grass seeds are easy to use. I simply mixed the seeds in a mixture of lawn soil, and the grass seedlings grew so quickly in the affected area. Water them often and you will get great results. Fertilize about six weeks after initial growth. Good luck! He does what he says the grass grows quickly with irrigation. I`m a big fan of Jonathan Green products. Not all velvety and germinating. Wasn`t bad price not disappointed Super green grass, filled in my beautiful places and even looks better than my old grass.

Definitely buy more soon, even helped dry my chronic mud stains This seed is worth the investment! A friend of mine recommended it as the best seed ever, and the man she was right! After creating a patio, we had to reseed some parts of our lawn, and you can SEE and FEEL the difference between this grass and the original grass. What a game changer! I had an area under an oak tree where everything we had been trying to do for 15 years died. I ordered this seed, ventilated the area, distributed the seed very heavily (heaviest setting on Scott`s Wizz hand spreader), fertilized and poured for about 15 minutes each day for two weeks with an impact sprinkler. On the seventh day I had peach stuffed animals and on the 14th day I had grass that I had to cut. Makes this place really beautiful now. Hopefully he will return next spring after becoming inactive this winter. The best grass seeds of all time! I tell everyone I know about this seed. I bought some to prove to my parents that they could have a beautiful weed in two weeks The photos prove everything I was looking for for a certain type of grass seeds and all they sell here is Bermuda.

So I ordered it online and it went well. Need more water, but the work is worth it. Once again, Jonathan Green has made an excellent product. The seed germinated and began to grow in two to three weeks. I struggle with a semi-shaded area that doesn`t withstand heavy rains well. Despite the humidity, the new seed has grown very well and my bald areas are now covered. I did it on the seeds – and it worked! The best seed ever! I will buy more this spring to finish the farm! Very good product and worked very well. I grew grass in the backyard where I previously struggled in shady areas. I used a variety of seeds on my lawn.

Mainly the Kentucky Blue Midnite variety. This seed is the darkest green I know. expensive, but you can definitely make a difference. I have a section in my garden that was a flower bed that I just wanted to sow, you can really see the difference in the newly sown area if you live in the hills and mountains of New Hampshire, come consider a decent lawn as a luxury. We live deep in the forest and the dense shade is a fitting description. Having lived in the backcountry of New York, Illinois and New Jersey with good and rich soil, he is taken for granted. Growing grass in the granite state is like trying to grow grass on concrete with a thick layer of dust. However, as I was a stubborn rod and never given away, I tried again and behold, even my wife was impressed and suggested that I might be able to survive the don Quixote label.

Germinates in about a week and must be cut into two parts. The color is dark green. Next spring will be the last judge on how to handle winter, but for now – thank you Jonathan. I bought a bag of sun and shade mixture to make a seed for this fall, but I had spots in my front yard that were naked and driving me crazy, so I decided to plant seeds. It was in the `90s and I know it`s not the time of year to do it, but by God, when I went home this morning after only four days, I had little blades of grass coming out of the ground. I`m impressed to mix this seed with Scott`s blue grass seed, to have it done so for years, and to have a lawn that rivals a golf course. I live on a heavily wooded property and the seed does well in the sun/partly in the shade. My lawn was fighting. There were a few areas that never turned green and the weeds were persistent. Fertilization did not help.

I took a few soil samples and took them to the USDA lab at home. He found that the lawn was alkaline at about 7.5 pH. I started using elemental sulfur last year, but I didn`t see any difference. .