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As V.I. Lenin writes in Imperialism, the highest level of capitalism: “The remarkably rapid concentration of production in ever larger enterprises is one of the most characteristic characteristics of capitalism.” [10] He researched the development of production and decided to develop the concept of production as a centralized framework, from small individual and dispersed workshops to the large factories that drove capitalism around the world. This is guided by the idea that once the concentration of production develops to a certain level, it becomes a monopoly, like cartel party, trade union and trust organizations. [10] In the case of a decentralized contract, the contract manager is assigned to the project and reports to the project manager. Since there are two ways to organize contract labor, I would like to ask you what are the advantages and disadvantages of each type. While centralized contracting helps standardize best practices, decentralized contracting gives the project manager more control and the procurement process can be accelerated. Before you know about centralized and decentralized contracts, first let us know what a contract is. Many times you should have come across the term called contract. We all sign a contract, even your employment contract with your employer is also a kind of contract that mentions how long you have to work and how much you will be paid for that job, how much paid leave you will have, etc.

A contract always has at least two parts. The party that supplies the goods or services is called the seller and the party that purchases the goods or services is called the buyer. A contract is a mutually agreed legal agreement that obliges the seller to provide its goods or services to the buyer in exchange for pre-agreed compensation. Compensation may be monetary or otherwise. Centralization refers to the hierarchical level within an organization that is empowered to make decisions. If decision-making is maintained at the highest level, the organization is centralized; When delegated to lower levels of organization, it is decentralized (Daft, 2010:17). Most companies deal with issues related to the specifics of centralizing or decentralizing decision-making. The key question is whether the authority should manage everything at the center of a company (centralized) or whether it should be delegated from the center (decentralized). What is an example of centralization? The choice between central or decentralized is different. Many large companies are necessarily associated with some degree of decentralization and some degree of centralization when operating from multiple locations or when they are added to new units and markets.

[13] Centralized management is similar to a form of dictatorial leadership in which employees must only achieve results based on what leaders attribute to them. Employees are not able to contribute to the organization`s decision-making process and only implement decisions made at a higher level. If employees struggle to implement some of these decisions, managers will not understand it because they are just decision-makers, not decision-makers. The result of these measures is a decrease in performance, as employees are not motivated to implement managers` decisions without input from lower-level employees. The seller usually receives a copy of the latest contract via email when purchasing, but that employee won`t be in the office next week. The seller finds an email with a contract template that sent them the purchase two weeks ago for another customer. Since the seller needs the document for a meeting tomorrow, he opts for this version. As you can easily see, little has really changed in our history over the millennia of human existence until the development of the steam engine as the greatest driver of global change. Thus began the exponential evolution of humanity. As you can see, we evolve exponentially, but since evolution has made us quasi-linear, humans are particularly unable to recognize exponential changes until it`s too late.